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FRANCIS: the project

Just a few steps out the door in the morning, and you're already at work. An escalator takes you from your office to the plaza with its enticing and colourful variety of lunchtime options. After work, you stop off at the in-house fitness centre for a quick workout before grabbing tomorrow's breakfast or the ingredients for an evening cocktail on your balcony. Sounds good, right?

Wishes come true

A brand new district centre – the only one of its kind – is taking shape on the 2.4 hectare site above Vienna's Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof railway station: the Althan Quartier. The site will be home to offices, co-working spaces, restaurants, shops, businesses, service providers, high-end flats, a hotel and a parking garage. This sustainable mix covering around 130,000 m2 of gross floor space will enable contemporary urban living while keeping the usual back and forth to a minimum. That saves time and energy – and creates exceptional liveability.

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The heart of the Althan Quartier is the FRANCIS building complex, which houses the Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof railway station on its ground floor. Two new buildings are being built just to the east of FRANCIS on Nordbergstrasse: JOSEPH and SOPHIE – modern, urban living space in one of Vienna's prime locations. The fourth Althan Quartier building is on Althanstrasse and will house a hotel and parking garage.  

Three of the four separate Althan Quartier buildings will be connected via a plaza – a shared space and a place where people can relax. The plaza will lead to offices, the JOSEPH residential building, and the neighbouring hotel, while a passage will connect to the garage. The plaza will also be accessible from outside, with walkways leading to Althanstrasse and Nordbergstrasse.

Approx. 40,000 m2


Up to 7,000 m2







Up to 3.5 m



Making room for creativity

Offices with a special flair

Creativity needs space – and there's more than enough at FRANCIS! Eight floors are available for offices that are large yet near the city centre, combined with food courts, open spaces, shared spaces, a fitness centre, a wide range of shops and new surprises at every turn. With some 40,000 m2 of usable office space, FRANCIS is on a scale unmatched anywhere else in Vienna.

Making room for creativity
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Working in the
Althan Quartier

Working in the<br> Althan Quartier

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